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We Love Elsie. "Elsie the Cow" is famously known as the symbol of Borden dairy products.

The Elsie advertising icon was born in the 1930s to symbolize the Perfect Dairy Product.

Used to advertise products for decades, Elsie the Borden Cow is familiar to many and remembrances of simpler days makes for a wonderful collectible.

Elsie the Cow Beanie Elsie the Cow Button Elsie the Cow Comic Book

Elsie products are no longer being produced as they were in years past, and the Borden company no longer exists. Elsie lives on, however, both in collectibles and for new licensed products by the company that bought Borden's assets.

Here at the famous Elsie the Cow collectibles site we have a growing index of exciting Elsie the Cow Collectibles and more, such as:

  • Cookie Jars
  • Historical Advertising
  • Toys
  • Kitchen Products
  • Clothes
  • Comic Books
  • Jewelry
  • marbles, golf balls, and much much more with Elsie on it ...

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Of course there is a huge range of Elsie the Cow advertising items. Almost an unlimited supply. But we are doing our best to identify them, catalogue them, and bring them to you.

Collecting Elsie the Cow items is not only nostalgic. It's a lot of fun! So bookmark this site and enjoy!